My Worthy Bonds Review (2 Months).

Now, sure, you aren’t expecting much with this Worthy Bonds Review after only two months, but what is essential about this amount of time is it’s just before three months.  

Yes, challenging math here, but I signed up with an affiliate link to Worthy Bonds and got a free bond with the purchase of just 5. This 6th Worthy Bond is free.

Free Worthy Bonds?

Yes, I will cover more later, but for now, I’m at the maximum month where I both have and don’t have the free bond.  

A Schrödinger’s cat situation. How do I both have and not have a bond?

When the free Worthy Bond was added to my dashboard, I noticed I was collecting interest from the free 6th bond. But at the same time, it was not my bond yet.

So, I have the interest, but I still need to own the bond again.

Let’s move one and 

Are Worthy Bonds Legitimate?

I often ask this question in investing circles: is Worthy Bond legit? Well, I cover this more in-depth here: Are Worthy Bonds A Good Investment Alternative To Outlet Finance?

So far, my opinion and understanding of the bonds and their safety model have remained the same. So, for now, actions speak louder than posts, and you can see I’m keeping my money in Worthy Bonds.

What I’ve Seen From My Worthy Bonds Review:

My review is more an observation and my opinion of whether Worthy Bonds is worth investing my money into.

So far, my Worthy Bonds Balance is +$100. Yes, I’ve made an additional deposit after the initial $50(five bonds) needed to get the free 6th bond.

This additional money might give further hints about why I like Worthy Bonds.

How Much Did I Invest In Worthy Bonds?

My balance is over $100, broken down into several parts.

  • My initial $50 for the free 6th Bond.
  • The 6th is “free,” Worthy Bond, worth $10.
  • Then, an additional deposit of $40
  • The change over $100 is the accumulated interest so far.
2 month balance of Worthy Bonds.

Have you noticed the particular parts of what I’m showing yet?

Weekly Break Down Of My Worthy Bond Balances.

As bonds are added, money is deposited, bonds are created, and start accumulating interest.

Worthy Bonds balances per week, and interest returned.

From the weekly summary view, bonds added are averaged for this report and summary over the week. Still, each bond starts generating passive income immediately.

Even if my understanding is off, it might be a day or two to start generating enough interest to make a difference. They only go out four significant digits in their reporting if you are a math nut.

The significant thing we should notice is how the average interest is growing and compounding. 

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.

Albert Einstein

How Do Worthy Bonds Work?

By depositing money into Worthy Bonds, Worthy Bonds uses that money to lend for property purchases and then returns interest to us as initial depositors.

Interest is returned accurately at the same time as it generates additional interest. All passive.

This understanding might be a very simplistic view of how Worthy Bonds Work. Still, in the end, I best understand it as another way to make passive income and add it to my Passive Income Generators (PIGs) list.

Should I Put All My Money In Worthy Bonds?

Now, Now, let’s calm down.

I’ve been moving much of my money into bonds, T-bills to be exact( How To Build T-Bill Ladder ), with my latest method of T-Bill And Chill while waiting for the stock market to calm down.

I’m into passive income generation, and Worthy Bonds, or any good bonds, is a method of making money, but only because I want not to risk my principal (initial money) while making some return(interest) with a method of growth(compounding) in the process.

Yes, I do want to Eat My Cake and Have It Too. (Note the correct way of saying this cliche).

FYI, You Can Get A Free Worthy Bond Too?

Author’s Notice: This page contains affiliate links, for which I may earn a commission by their use.

Now, I am doing my experimentation with Worthy Bonds. Still, if you want to learn more, the offer is open to others if you use a referral link: Earn A Free Bond! I got my free Worthy Property Bond, now just waiting out the required time period.

Here is my referral link if you are interested in learning more, and by the way, I, too, will be rewarded if you sign up and get a free bond, so it’s a win-win situation.

Earn A Free Bond!

My Final Review Opinion Of Is Worthy Bonds Legit?

Calculating returns spread sheets.

I’m keeping my money with them, although it’s only $90; when trying to grow an empire of Passive Income Generators(PIGs), every dollar counts.

Now, at 7% with no perceived reasonable risk to the principal, I am keeping with Worthy Bonds. It’s an alternative to the now gone Outlet Finance I used to use, so I’m accustomed to alternative investment services like Worthy Bonds.

Please do your research and share it here. Are you using Worthy Bonds or another alternative investment service? Comment below.

Tom, Growing His Passive Income Generators.
Myself with an interesting Bull Sculpture.
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