Are Worthy Bonds A Good Investment Alternative To Outlet Finance?

Since Outlet Finance closed down( Outlet Finance Legit Or Not? Yes, But It Is Gone ), I’ve been trying to find an easy place to get the most money for parked money( Parking Money With T-Bill And Chill. ) while keeping it as liquid as possible. For me, Outlet Finance(website now gone) was such a great place. Now I’m figuring out my newest find: Are Worthy Bonds a good investment alternative to Outlet Finance?

Why Did I Use Outlet Finance For Savings?

To determine if Worthy Bonds is a suitable replacement, I will have to break down what made Outlet Finance so beneficial.  

I like passive income generators (PIGs). I like growing their size and the number of passive income generators, hence this blog, 😀

I’ve transitioned from one form of interest-only or yield-generating investments to another for years. Yield Farming is an excellent passive income generator.

In the 80s, I bought Series EE from my military pay to having the typical passport savings account.  

Today, I am using T-Bills, high-yield savings accounts, and lastly, the non-bearing BlockFi account I’m stuck with. 

Outlet Finance was the shining star, with higher interest than the rest (5-9%) and the ability to move money in and out with minimal delay(1-3 business days if I recall correctly).

So, what I liked about Outlet Finance was:

  • Higher than average interest rate returns.
  • Compounding effect, interest was added to the balance.
  • Liquidity is the ability to move money into and out of Outlet Finance.

Using these measures, is it possible Worthy Bonds is a good investment alternative to Outlet Finance?

Did I find a suitable replacement for Outlet Finance?

Is Worthy Bonds A Good Investment?

Using the most basic analysis, it generates a return and compounds. Hence, it’s an investment, but whether it is a good investment is a question.

Calculate Risks vs Rewards, Are Worthy Bonds A Good Investment Alternative To Outlet Finance?

What I Learned So Far, An Evolving Evaluation:

Step by step, I’m learning if Worthy Bonds Is Worth It.

What Is Worthy Bonds’ Investment Model?

I’m not an investment expert; I’m just trying to conceptualize this so I feel comfortable investing in Worthy Property Bonds.

Worthy Bonds’ business model uses investor money to make money available to borrowers for real estate. As interest and principal are paid on the borrowed money, those returns are passed on to the investor.

This model has been a valid investment model for too long for me to figure out.

With Outlet Finance, investors have loaned money for crypto investments. My local bank takes my money and loans it for real estate investments. BlockFi, I believe, loaned money out for shorts and margin accounts. These investment models use investor money and offer some return for deposited money.

Worthy Bonds uses real estate in its model, which has been the hallmark of wealth for many generations. “No one is creating land,” so there is only so much land to go around, renting it, using it, and trading it back and forth generates wealth.

Is Worth Bonds Secure?

First, I found no claim that Worthy Bonds was insured.

A bank doesn’t issue these bonds; the only security, or sense of security, is that the bonds are secured with physical property. So no FDIC I can tell. But I’m OK with this.

So, there is collateral associated with the bonds, real estate.

Please take this as you will, but there was enough information on the website, and the offer of a good return for holding these bonds for a short period was worth investing in.

Only a little was invested in Worthy Bonds, but it was enough to try out their initial free investor offer.

Is Worthy Bonds Legit?

I always recall the old cliche’:

Past Performance Is No Guarantee of Future Results.


Meaning that I can research the heck out of an investment idea, but the future is just that, in the future.

Now, this can said about anything. Did we see FTX collapse before its bankruptcy filing? How about the Lehman Brothers failure? Now that I’ve scared you, I have to admit, I am scared also.

Well, I can only do my research and hope you do so too.

With my bit of experience with Worthy Bonds, I have to compare that to my experience with mortgage-backed REITs. Add in talking to a friend who buys mortgage debt.

So, Is Worthy Bonds Legit?

The rate of return is legit, from my experience.

I’ve learned some mortgage-backed securities can fetch almost double digits if you buy at the right time, but this isn’t a fair apples-to-apples comparison. My friend buys distressed mortgages and is not the initial lender.

These bonds are touted as Worthy Property Bonds, so mortgages and land-secured collateral go hand in hand with safer lending practices in the mortgage industry.

Again, Is Worthy Bonds Legit?

Absolutes should be avoided, but I can only say I’m investing. Worthy Bonds is legit enough that I’m testing the waters with some money.

My goal is to test the application (the web interface), the services (the compounding daily interest), and the money flow(deposits and withdrawals).

Afterward, I plan to do an updated post to determine if Worthy Property Bonds are suitable for my ‘unassigned’/’spare’ cash. Thank you.

What Worthy Bonds Free Investor Offer?

I found that if I used someone’s referral link, which I did, I got a free bond if I bought a certain number of bonds and held them for a short period,

Free Money?  Making money faster?

My initial minimum order was for the five required bonds for the free bond offer.

I immediately received one free bond.

If I read this right, I keep my money($50 for the first five bonds) invested for 90 days, and I get to keep the 6th, the free one, for free.  

Based on the free bond added to my original five purchases, this offer results in a 20% return in the first 90 days!  

The kicker, the free bond works just like the initial five bonds I bought, meaning all six bonds earn compounded interest daily.

So, at the end of 90 days, I have a free bond and all the interest the six bonds collected(December 2023, currently 7% interest).

This is my plan, and as I learn more about Worthy Property Bonds, I plan to share it with you guys.

In The Meantime, Can You Get A Free Bond Too?

Author’s Notice: This page contains affiliate links, for which I may earn a commission by their use.

Now, I am doing my experimentation with Worthy Bonds. Still, if you want to learn more, the offer is open to others if you use a referral link: Earn A Free Bond!

Here is my referral link if you are interested in learning more, and by the way, I, too, will be rewarded if you sign up and get a free bond, so it’s a win-win situation.

Earn A Free Bond!

Your Feedback: Are Worthy Property Bonds A Good Investment Alternative To Outlet Finance Savings Account?

Are you already using Worthy Bonds? What do you think is a good investment?

Did you find another service like Outlet Finance or Worthy Bonds and want to share your experiences? Please comment.

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