What Is the Wheel Strategy In Options I Use?

I’ve noticed an uptick in Wheel Strategy videos posted on YouTube, so I decided to cover my simple strategy. I want to show how simple I keep it and why I use this strategy. Not financial advice, just sharing my strategy. I work full-time, have long shifts, and am an active family man. If my wheel options strategy … Read more

Can Income From Blogging Be Passive Income?

Side Hustles From Your Laptop Computer.

Creating a blog isn’t passive, meaning there is work involved. You can outsource the site and content creation to others or do it yourself; that’s the active part. I had a moment where based on my experience, my view of blogging income change due to actual results, and I found Income from blogging can be … Read more

How Make An Income On YouTube.

My Disclaimer: I am working on information I’ve learned from other YouTubers and attempting to start a few YouTube Channels. I am just trying to make an income on YouTube feed my other passive income generators(PIG’s). Another source of income, to grow my PIGs. We often hear too much information mish-mashed so that it is … Read more

Can You Build Passive Income From A Blog?

Making money online at home using your computer, frustrating.

My early premise that a side hustle blog is simply a source of extra money to feed other passive income generators might have needed to be revised. My experience with blogs in the past was based on life experience blogs, Mommy Blogs. Those types of blogs are based on the blog writer’s personal connections with … Read more

Learn About Passive Income With: Dividend Growth Machine(Book/Audio book).

Printing your own money, what it's like to have a passive income generator.

One way I train my mind for the long game is by listening to podcasts, audio books, and radio stations about finance and, more importantly, passive income generation. I’ve listened to this audio book a couple of times and find it helps keep me focused, and I’ll explain why later. Let’s look at the following: … Read more

M1 Finance Vs Fidelity For My Weekly Dividend Portfolio.

M1 Finance Vs. Fidelity

Some feedback when I talk about my latest fun portfolio, my weekly dividend stock portfolio on M1 Finance. M1 Finance could be better, but when compared to Fidelity, is it good enough? The truth is that M1 wasn’t my first brokerage choice for any stock purchases or portfolio building.   This is evident by the fact … Read more

What Is Solo Mining? – FAQ

USB Ant Miners, for mining cryptocurrency at home.

Solo mining has become the topic because a Solo Miner recently solved one block unit and received about 6.2 BitCoins, which he didn’t have to share with pool miners. So, What Is Solo Mining? Solo mining is a technique where a single entity(person/miner) works independently of any other entities(persons/miners) to complete the process of crypto … Read more

Is Passive Income Legal? – FAQ

Lady Liberty is art here, and this blog not legal advice.

So, Is Passive Income Legal? Yes, but still not legal advice, just my observations based on sources of passive income. Every worker’s goal is to retire someday, stop working but continue to collect money through retirement. Retirement planning is about planning for a lifetime of passive income. Is retirement income illegal because it’s passive? No. … Read more

What Is The Easiest Passive Income Generator (PIG)? – FAQ

Sleeping Passive PIGs

Funny when I get to talk to people about growing their own Passive Income Generator (PIG) I am asked, what is the easiest passive income generator to grow my wealth? Dividends This is based on my opinion, with is backed by my experiences. Still, my easiest PIG to grow is a dividend stock portfolio. One … Read more

What Is A PIG? – FAQ

Saving money should be secure, like your own personal piggy bank.

For investors like me, PIG stands for: Passive Income Generator. Meaning: (P)assive – Passive – Not requiring continued active work from me. (I)ncome – Income – Money, earnings, or something of value I receive. (G)enerator – Generator – Something that creates. PIG So a PIG is a means to generate passive income for me. PIG … Read more