How I Built An 8-Week T-Bill Ladder Emergency Fund

Using multiple investments to reach new heights by laddering your investments.

As I stated in earlier posts( Build T-Bill Ladder Emergency Fund ), I’ve been figuring out how to grow my 6-month Emergency fund into more of a passive income generator(or at least prevent inflation erosion). I found information about T-Bill Ladders and figured with their tax incentives(no State or Local Income Tax), using T-Bills would … Read more

How To Build T-Bill Ladder Emergency Fund (My Plan).

Piggy Banks climbing ladder, make your money work for you.

I plan not to build a emergency fund but to convert my existing emergency fund into a T-bill ladder. I plan to turn my current emergency fund more into a passive income generating machine, while meeting my rainy day needs. I’ll talk about what I plan to do with my 6 Month Emergency Fund, using … Read more

What Is A 6-Month Emergency Fund? – FAQ

Emergency Fund, 6 Months of Emergency Funds.

Simply put, a 6-month emergency fund is a source of money to cover six months of living expenses(rent/mortgage, food, car care, etc.) should you lose your regular income. Your monthly expenses after losing your job, or income, should only be necessities. If you lose your job, you should use something other than our emergency fund … Read more