Learn About Passive Income With: Dividend Growth Machine(Book/Audio book).

Printing your own money, what it's like to have a passive income generator.

One way I train my mind for the long game is by listening to podcasts, audio books, and radio stations about finance and, more importantly, passive income generation. I’ve listened to this audio book a couple of times and find it helps keep me focused, and I’ll explain why later. Let’s look at the following: … Read more

M1 Finance Vs Fidelity For My Weekly Dividend Portfolio.

M1 Finance Vs. Fidelity

Some feedback when I talk about my latest fun portfolio, my weekly dividend stock portfolio on M1 Finance. M1 Finance could be better, but when compared to Fidelity, is it good enough? The truth is that M1 wasn’t my first brokerage choice for any stock purchases or portfolio building.   This is evident by the fact … Read more