My RIOT Blockchain Stock Price Prediction And Plan.

Now, these are my stock prediction and plan, and mine alone. I am not selling or recommending anything; I am just sharing how I see what others see and how I plan to make money off the Cryptocurrency decline. Bear markets give great money-making opportunities, and the RIOT blockchain stock is on my to-do list.

What Is RIOT?

RIOT is the stock ticker for Riot Blockchain, Inc. 

RIOT is a cryptocurrency mining investment company. They mine cryptocurrency, and you can invest in their operation. RIOT is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ.

Because it’s traded and volatile, like cryptocurrency, there are significant buying and selling opportunities for trading. 

For me, that translates into great selling and buying opportunities for options. 

RIOT seems to move up and down faster than crypto in general. This rapid movement translates into higher premiums for selling options as long as you are betting in the correct direction.

A little background as to why I’m interested in trading options with RIOT stocks.

Who Competes With RIOT Blockchain, Inc?

Here are a few competitors with RIOT:

RIOT has many competitors, and this is a good thing.

Number Of RIOT Competitors Important To Me.

If I am looking for prey to eat, I look where the most extensive collection of hunters is.

Money will be made if many companies are in the same realm as RIOT. We know cryptocurrency is here to stay, but I’d like to know if investing in companies that mine cryptocurrency is OK for me.

Having so many choices has helped inspire me to investigate more and more into cryptocurrency mining investment companies. This choice will pay off with the up-and-coming changes in the crypto market fluctuations.

Why RIOT Blockchain, Inc.?  

Well looked at RIOT’s track record and philosophy and thought they better matched my intentions than the other crypto mining investment companies.  

I have to say MARA was a close tie, but then I decided to go with RIOT. I can only control my risk management, I cannot control the global market, so hoping RIOT is a better choice from now on.

My RIOT Blockchain, Inc. Plans.

My observations about RIOT Blockchain stock verse Cryptocurrency.

RIOT seems to move with cryptocurrency, there is a direct relationship, and I predicted the crypto market as a whole would decline. It’s a cyclical market, and we had enough bull market years time for a market correction.

I can ‘short’ RIOT, but I can’t figure out an easy way to ‘short’ cryptocurrency. So RIOT allows me to make money in a manner I’m comfortable with.

I like selling and buying options; selling cash-secured puts is my favorite. With a stock like RIOT, I can take advantage of the ‘feelings’ people have for the declining market and make extra off premiums selling puts against stock like RIOT.

Consequences Of Selling Cash-Secured Puts On RIOT Blockchain, Inc.?

Selling any cash-secured put has similar risks.

  1. You tied up money during the life of the option. So that money cannot be used for anything other than securing that put.
  2. You can only sell cash-secured puts with money. This limits my ability to make money since I have a limited amount.
  3. You can be assigned the stocks if the out-of-the-money put becomes in the money and someone wants to exercise that put.

Selling Cash-Secured Puts On RIOT Blockchain, Inc. risks?

  1. Could be assigned the stock if the price drops, and the price can decline rapidly if the company becomes worthless. Meaning you can be assigned a bunch of worthless stock. Cryptocurrency is still a new technology; people can ‘give up’ on the idea or believe in it.
  2. RIOT pays no dividends. In the past, when I was assigned stock from an exercised put, I would collect dividends at the same time I was collecting premiums while turning around and selling calls. RIOT will only generate money if I can collect premiums selling calls.

How Am I Limiting My Risks With RIOT Blockchain, Inc. Options?

I aim to collect premiums while waiting for the crypto market to decline. I plan on keeping my initial money from being taken away during a stock assignment.

So, I plan to sell cash-secured puts far enough out of the money to avoid assignment but near enough to collect those sweet premiums.

Where Am I Plan To Sell RIOT Blockchain Stock Put Options?

I still use the Robinhood app for my selling of stock options. Robinhood only allows cash-secured put options, and I have a certain fear of selling naked puts.

Future Updates?

Yes, I am playing with a small amount of money, but it’s significant enough to worry me. My plan is to keep you guys up to date, so you can read about my successes and failures. 

If you trade options, please leave feedback about what you think about selling cash-secured puts on a cryptocurrency mining investment company like RIOT during a predicted bear crypto market.

Thank you,

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