Portfolio Update: Initial 12 Stocks For Weekly Dividends Bought.

Well, following my plan to build a stock portfolio that builds a weekly income, I made the initial purchases. Creating a weekly Passive Income Generator (PIGs) in this experiment. Bough 12 Stocks For Weekly Dividends.

Source Of Dividend Stock/ETF Suggestions:

As I gave credit before, I am following one of two videos Joseph Hogue created for his YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@josephhogue

Here is Joe’s Video I used for this initial setup of stocks/ETFs I purchased:

My Weekly Dividend Stock Portfolio Core:

Recap About My 12 Stocks For Weekly Dividends Portfolio.

I aim to continue growing Passive Income Generators (P.I.G.s), and one of my favorite passive income sources is dividend stocks.

Compared to volatile growth stocks like Tesla, dividend stocks can be dull.  

Dividend stock returns are slow and steady(good ones, at least), almost like watching grass grow.

My goal was to turn dividend investing into something more exciting. Unlike watching my retirement portfolios(mostly in SCHD) give up dividends quarterly, I wanted to see dividends deposited more often.

I could have gone with a monthly dividend portfolio, which could be easier to build. There are very diversified monthly dividend ETFs and some reliable monthly dividend-producing stocks I could have invested in.

Some Diversified Monthly Dividend ETFs:

Some Monthly Dividend Stocks:

I plan to include more ETFs in the future, but when I watched Let’s Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA‘s video:

After watching this video, I searched for additional weekly dividend income-generating stock portfolio setups. Then I found a list of 12 stocks in Joseph Hogue’s more recent video:

From here, I picked the 12 stocks I wanted to start with. Good and Bad; Good first; Joe’s videos were well laid out and helped me narrow down my initial 12 stock choices; Bad, my initial dividend stock choices look like a copy and paste from his newest weekly dividend video.

Oh well, great minds think alike. :p

Follow along as I tailor and grow this portfolio in such a way it both generates weekly dividends for passive income and creates enough dividend returns to satisfy my dopamine fix.

What Stock Brokerage Platform Did I Use?

In a previous post( M1 Finance For My Weekly Dividend Portfolio ), I stated that I am using M1 Finance to create this passive income weekly dividend-generating portfolio.

To this post: M1 Finance For My Weekly Dividend Portfolio to learn why I picked M1 for this fun stock portfolio.

Weekly Dividend Stock Portfolio Note:

I’ve been working on creating this weekly dividend portfolio(started in December 2021) all through 2022, and into 2023. I’ve added and trimmed away stocks, and ETFs, which allowed me to create one of my favorite investment portfolios.

Follow along with how I put this together, and let’s evaluate how I’m doing with my choices.

For real time stock portfolio setup on my M1 account: Passive Income Generator Weekly Income Dividends Portfolio.

Tom, Growing His Passive Income Generators.
Myself with an interesting Bull Sculpture.
Notice: No Lambo’s. :/
Hi I’m Tom, A Blogger And A PIG Farmer.

PIG Farmer as in I grow Passive Income Generators(PIG’s).

I’ve been playing with stocks, mutual funds, and options for decades, as well as always working on my side hustle stacks.

Unlike what you read online, I’ve yet to find a way to get rich quickly. Get Rich Quick isn’t happening for me.

My journey has been long and continues. I hope to have so many PIGs I can stop working at my current job and volunteer as a medical worker overseas. 

Still waiting, but getting there. I still am a family man, and while on this Journey of Growing PIGs.  

I wanted to share my adventures(ups and downs), hoping you will contribute with your feedback and comments.

Fun Fact: In my spare time, I am a Band-Dad!

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