Is Selling Handmade Goods Passive Income? – FAQ

To determine if selling handmade goods is passive income, ask yourself:

  • Can I walk away and still make money?
  • If I make a handmade good, and it makes me money, does it continue to make me money?

These were weird questions, but the combination of terms like craft or “handmade goods” and “passive income” sounds like an oxymoron to me.

If I am creating “handmade goods,” this is active.

Selling the same handmade goods again can be active or passive, depending on how they are sold. Myself or another vendor?

Do these handmade goods continue to make me money and income after they are made or sold passively? I don’t see it. Having a hard time seeing selling handmade goods as a passive income.

Selling Handmade Goods doesn’t sound passive to me. Sounds very active, and the income stream depends on making these handmade goods.

Now Can I Make Selling Handmade Goods Passive?

Yes! Selling Handmade Goods Can Be Passive.

Building a business model around making/acquiring handmade goods and selling them is automatic.

For discussion, we’ll use those potholders we made in school with loops of elastic yarn.

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For ease of discussion, you can set up an automatic source of these pot holders from a supplier and tie them into a selling service, Amazon’s FBA service(Best Seller Book: Make a Passive Income Fortune by Taking Advantage of Foolproof Step-by-step Techniques & Strategies). This system can be automated.

The supplier can send those items to an Amazon distribution point and sell them via Amazon, even using third-party services. This type of system can be 100% automated after initially started and continue to make money without your involvement.

You can build a selling system of handmade goods, which becomes passive after everything is put in place.

So….. yes, you can sell handmade goods passively if you make a system rather than the actual crafts.

The reason for this post, I see too many Ads targeting crafters who pride themselves in making handmade goods. Then these ads make it sounds so easy to make money through their hobby passively.

Passive is tossed around too much to get our attention. Still, when you think about it, if you can’t walk away from your income system and it continues to make an income, it’s not passive; it’s active.

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