Why High Impressions Low Clicks On My Blog?

So you use Google’s Search Console and notice your blog is showing up in search results, but no one is clicking on your blog. You have high impressions low clicks on your pages.

Let’s look at why this is happening to your blog.

Why Is My Blog Click-Thru Rate So Low?

Good News and Bad News about your Click Thru Rate (CTR).

First, the CTR Good News:

Google feels your blog might contain information that the search is looking for.

This means Google has crawled your page and indexed it. Being indexed is excellent news for your blog.

Many blog creators complain that their blog is often not indexed long after publishing content. You are doing great.

Now, the CTR Bad News:

Google has led the “horse to water, but can’t make the horse drink.”

This means that Google feels your page matches the search query well, but the user looked at the Search Engine Results Page(SERPs) and felt they needed to click on your link.

Now, the real bad news, why?

Why are people still searching, but not finding your blog post?

Why Is The Click Thru Rate So Low?

Something about how the information about your page is being displayed to the user causes them to ignore your page’s entry.

What I Do To Figure Out Why A Low Click Thru Rate.

Good question. Let’s find an answer.

A little self analysis of your blog posts is necessary.

My Page Is Dead-On For The Search Query:

This is the real trick; now you have to get the user to see the page as a source for their search and click-thru to your page.

Open a browser in incognito mode and do a Google search using the same search query.

What does the search result say about your Blog Post?

Is the Blog Title showing correctly?

Is the Page Summary correct?

If not, this is where I would make changes. Clean up the title. Get keywords as close to the first paragraph of the page. Make my page as helpful to the user as possible.

Blogging For Passive Income, Step 7: Create Your Blog Content.

You got through the hard part: 

Getting Google to feel your blog post is helpful. Now you have to tweak a little to get searchers to feel the same. 

My Page Is Close To The Search Query:

This is a good question: has Google misidentified the content of my page versus the user search intent?

If my page is being displayed when it shouldn’t, maybe if my page is similar to the search intent, I expand the information on my page and try to match the user search intent and hopefully get a higher position in the SERPs and get a better CTR.

My Page Is Nowhere Close To The Search Query:

Suppose my page is far from the search intent of the query. In that case, Google recognized my site as a good source of information for the searcher and then presented the page in the SERPs as the best solution.

If the search query is related to my site, I might use it to create a new post and focus on the search query if it’s worth it.  

Being worth it is up to you. Is there a lot of impressions? Is the query worth my time? If so, I would create that page.

My High Impressions Low Clicks Thoughts.

Working hard, with good ideas can drive traffic to your site, but still high impressions low clicks from searchers.

Do you want to chase after this query? If so, take a slow and methodical approach. While trying to tweak the information on your post(title, first paragraph, etc.), you might upset Google, and now you get no impressions.

Blogging For Passive Income, Step 10: Analyze, Track Results, Continuously Improve Your Blog.

Experiment and keep copies of your work. Take notes and see if the lessons learned here can be applied to other posts.

My Passive Income Blog Start-up Steps – Review


Any feedback about having a low CTR with a high impression rate? If so, please leave a comment.

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