Good Stocks For The Wheel Strategy – FAQ

Now, this FAQ is about something other than how to make the most money with the Wheel Strategy or the best Wheel Strategy stocks to maximize return. It’s a simple question; if asked, I would answer…

What Are Good Stocks For The Wheel Strategy?

Good stocks for the Wheel Strategy are stocks you are willing to hold long-term. 

Yes, the Wheel Strategy can go wrong, and I learned this firsthand. I was focusing on getting the most premium for PUTs I sold and needed to focus on better stocks I wanted to hold.

So when stock prices fell, with many in its sector, I was left holding stocks I couldn’t sell good CALL options for. Not being able to sell CALL options for my assigned stocks broke the wheel for me.

I also couldn’t sell these stocks without a loss, so I tried my best to make the Wheel Stragety work, but it didn’t. I didn’t want the stocks and felt the money was tied up in bad stocks, so I sold them for a loss.  

A valuable and costly lesson on what are good stocks for the Wheel Strategy. I don’t plan to repeat this mistake, and I hope this is a lesson you don’t repeat.

Thank you,

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