Is Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Worth It? (YES!)

I sometimes don’t know if answering this question, Is Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University worth it when my friends ask. I can’t tell if they are serious about the question, serious about attending Financial Peace University(FPU), or just making fun of me.  

Seriously, I find many of my friends are on Jeep lease #2 for the year because their first leased Jeep no longer matches their new hair color. Just writing out the jeep analogy doesn’t make sense reading it, but I have friends that see leases as cheaper forms of just renting a car.  

Let me explain my background; I am frugal with money. Meaning I will spend it on experiences. I will spend money on personal education/enrichment. I will spend money on others. I invest in my future. However, I buy cheap clothes, jeans and t-shirts, and used cars. So standing next to my friends, I look penniless. So when a friend who is dripping of social media bling comes out with a question about FPU, I am caught off guard.

However, if the person is serious about the question and allows me time to explain, I answer it.  

Is Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Worth It?

Yes, Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Is Worth It!

That was a simple answer, and since you hear, let me cover some points before I go into too many details.

How much does Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University cost?

The original cost was over $100, but when I talked to the instructor, he sent me a link to buy the course/membership for about $100.

What Does Financial Peace University Include?

I got a hard-covered course book, a course(classroom phase with videos and verbal instruction), a year-long online membership, and access to a course instructor, who I could bounce questions off.

The book is simple instructions about the baby steps and how they apply to a simple basic life. There were no real new revelations in content, but the book worked well with exercises involving the rest of the class and instructor.

The classroom phase involved discussions, exercises, and covering the basics, the famous “baby steps.”  

Of course, the last component, the instructor. The instructor was formally educated in finance and involved with the financial planning of others. It was his industry. But a compelling character was different; he was not a get-rich-quick kind of financial planner.

Most financial planners are like, you will get rich with me, while some will die without my services, focused. This man was very down to earth. He was there to help where you needed, and when you were out of debt, you would work towards getting not rich but financially independent with time. I like him. and often talk finances with him.

Your classroom instructor will easily add value to FPU.

How Long Does It Take To Get Through Financial Peace University?

The course involved the intro session—basically, an introduction of the course and the course leader. We didn’t have books the first day since it was an intro to the program. For us who were interested in continuing our adventure with FPU., the course leader sent us a link for a discounted membership price.

After the introductory session, the classroom phase was about 12 weeks. There was homework and simple activities to analyze your financial state and share information in class. Now you didn’t have to share your personal information but discussing course material was helpful.

Sorry I digress a lot, the program was quick and easy, but there was a wealth of information it all applied to you.  

First, How long is Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University?

It was about a 13-week classroom program—one class meeting per week.  

Now FPU is more than just a book and classroom; there were online tools and, more importantly, access to a great course instructor. Now I took FPU years ago, but the course instructor and I still talk. He is much younger than I, but we can share our experiences with finances. He is a formal educated conservative financial planner, and I am a F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence Retire Early) person who still plays with cryptocurrency(See my post here: How I Make Cryptocurrency, Without Mining )

If you don’t have a great course instructor, there is still another great part of FPU, the online tools. The year-long membership helps keep you motivated in moving towards a debt-free life.

Can you do Financial Peace University at home?

I took at my church, a member in the financial industry, and my own investment goals are more financially frugal than I am—a great teacher for getting out and staying out of debt.

Can you do it at home? Yes. With recent lock-downs, there has been a growing need for at-home services.  

Looking back, if at home was the only option, I would do it. However, I would try to find a classroom version and attend. I got to listen to all different people with different backgrounds and financial positions.  

One young couple just got married and were trying to plan their future, one person a single parent who took out a bunch of debt to pay for her children’s schooling, others who were debt-free and doing great. Why were the debt-free people there, to remind themselves why and how they got debt-free and to remain so.

What do you learn in Financial Peace University?

Dave Ramsey’s baby steps, going from having debt to no debt with so much money you become very generous to others, is based on the lowest common denominator. Human nature. He doesn’t complicate steps with the most mathematical means to become debt-free; he uses human nature in your favor. Or the debt-snowball would never work. 

Is Dave Ramsey’s Financial Advice Good?

I am OK with Dave Ramsey’s Financial advice for eliminating debt and, to a point OK with his oversimplification of retirement planning(yes, index funds are great, but it’s too simple for those of us who know more).  

So, I digress, YES. Dave Ramsey’s Financial Advice in Financial Peace University is good.

Not great, not tailored to individuals, but good for getting out of debt and giving you motivation to working towards financial independence.  

I just wanted to answer the question, Is Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University worth it? Again, it’s a yes. I will go over the pros and cons of Financial Peace University in the future, but for now, stopping here.

If you have the chance to attend a Financial Peace University class, do so. I recommend in person due to the human interaction and fellowship, but if online is your only option, do so. You can attend a class later when the chance presents itself.

Dave Ramsey is a well-known name in the Financially Independent Retire Early (F.I.R.E.) community, and I recommend you do your own research. These are my options, and I want to hear yours.

Did You Take Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Course?

Did you like or dislike the Financial Peace University Program?

Do you have an opinion of Dave Ramsey in general?

Please comment below.

FYI, not an affiliate link, check out FPU and check Dave Ramsey’s YouTube channel.

Is Financial Peace University worth it, yes and so is the text book.
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