Is Celsius Crypto A Good Investment?

Not unusual I get to sit and talk with my coworker while on the job while we are driving between transport jobs. I started working with one guy who was very versed in Crypto assets.

In our conversation, I mentioned that I was Crypto Yield Farming on BlockFi and Outlet Finance. And, I asked Is Celsius Crypto A Good Investment? Which followed by receiving a referral link.

He was talking about the Celsius Crypto platform and how it has been a good investment of the ‘extra’ cash he had lying around.

He told me if I made an initial deposit of at least $400 for 30 days on the Celsius platform, I would receive a new depositor bonus of $50.

I did the math; $ 50 for one month is a return of:

50/400 x 100 = 12.5% over one month 


12.5% x 12 months = 150% APR!

To me, this sounds awesome. Even though it’s only one month, a 12.% return is an excellent yield.  

But then I thought, why are they offering such a great return for such a small balance?  

Is Celsius Network For Real?

I make a good return on my dividend stock investments and a better return on my Crypto Yield Farming, but 12.5% for one month of investing?  

Is Celsius Crypto A Good Investment? Too Good To Be True?

It must be some catch, or everyone would be depositing money into Celsius, and my coworker is the first guy I ran into that told me about the introductory rate.  

Oh, I forgot, if I keep my money in Celsius for 30 days, he, too, gets $50! He receives a finder fee for my deposit.

My 50,000 Foot Review Of Celsius Network.

This review is based on talking to my coworker and briefly looking over Celsius’s website.

The Celsius Network is designed with a simple interface, with high and enticing rewards for depositing money or crypto onto their platform.

Also, the interest rates for the deposited and held coin are very decent. 

BlockFi and Outlet Finance rates fluctuate, and their rates are usually higher. Still, occasionally they drop their interest rates, and I can float money from account to account, trying to get the most return on my Crypto Yield Farming operation.

Your Is Celsius A Good Investment Feedback.

I have money tied up, and it seems like the introductory offer will be around for a while, so I’m holding off. I had my coworker send me the invitation/referral link, and once I get more money freed up, I will do more due diligence to see if Celsius Network is worth adding to my Crypto farms.

If you have experience with the Celsius Network or crypto yield farming, please leave a comment. I am always looking for feedback.


Update: A Celsius Lawsuit, Crypto Class Action?

Yes, it’s not unusual for my mailbox to have a letter from a law firm that appears to be representing all of Celsius’s users in a class-action lawsuit.

There is a Celsius lawsuit, a class action, where one law firm represents users and tries to get a total payout. I found some lawsuit damages claim forms in the envelope. Still, I can only claim something if I have deposited crypto into Celsius. So, the form was tossed.

I Have No Celsius Lawsuit Claims.

I mentioned before that I signed up but never deposited any money into Celsius, so I have no damages or claims. So, I cannot submit a claim for this Celsius Class Action Lawsuit.

I have expertise and, more importantly, no “dog in the race,” so please follow for information about the settlements.  

If there is a payout, I hope everyone who invested in the Celsius Crypto platform is made whole.

Reaching Out For Shared Celsius Class Action Lawsuit Information.

If you lost money in crypto on the Celsius Platform and received a payout, you can; please leave a comment so others can find out if they can make a claim, too. Thank you.

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