Can Income From Blogging Be Passive Income?

Creating a blog isn’t passive, meaning there is work involved. You can outsource the site and content creation to others or do it yourself; that’s the active part. I had a moment where based on my experience, my view of blogging income change due to actual results, and I found Income from blogging can be passive.

Creating a blog is an activity. Blogging isn’t Passive by nature.

By Nature, some things just happen.

If you could turn your blog into a passive income generator(PIG), you can. So, blogging can be a source of passive income.

I didn’t work on my blog for July/August 2023, and it continued to generate an income. There were some lessons I learned here that I’m going to share.

Passive Income I Made From My Blog.

I run a small hobby site documenting my adventures with motorcycling. It revolves around two of my first bikes, both Chinese-made motorcycles. The blog is My Motorcycle Blog.

From July 21, 2023, till August 20, 2023, I wasn’t active with my blog and was still generating an income with no work. 

Relaxing in the Sun.

I made a total of $366.03 from blogging.

Which was a mix between an ads network and affiliate sales:

  • $179.76 made on the Ezoic Ads Network.
  • $186.27 was made on the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Now, was this the jackpot I wanted? No. But it’s the drops in a bucket that could eventually be overflowing. 😀

Can A Blog Be A Source Of Income?

From my experience, Yes. It’s not there yet, but it has extreme potential.

Blogs can make money from several sources, and let’s review a few: {some very passive, some very active)

How To Make Money With A Blog(Monetize Your Content):

  • Display Ads(Ad Networks, AdSense, Direct Sales, etc.)
  • Affiliate Programs(Amazon, Click-bank, etc.)
  • Paid Subscriptions (Exclusive Member Content, etc.)
  • Reader Donations(Buy Me Coffee, Buy Me A Beer, etc.)
  • Digital Content(E-Books, Tools, Worksheets, etc.)
  • Online Courses(Hobby Blogs Teaching Tips & Tricks)
  • Physical Products(Key-rings, t-shirts, etc.)
  • Sponsored Content(Paid Reviews, etc.)
  • Consulting Services.
  • Etc.

The point is your blog can make a direct income, some passive, while also being a gateway to services you can pass on to other providers or directly provide.

I hate that blogging can be so broad. This can create Analysis Paralysis.

Every dollar ads up, multiple streams of income.

Can Income Generation From Blogging Be Passive?

Well, using my example, blogging can be used to create passive income. Passive income during periods of not working on your blog.   

A passive income that continues after you actively create a revenue stream with your blog.

What Kind Of Passive Income Is From The Blog?

First, let’s define Passive Income. For this part of this post, we’ll limit it to no activity on your blog or blog’s operation.

Not working on the blog from July to August was pretty passive. I didn’t visit the blog; I was way too busy. Summer-time was here, and there were some OT opportunities between enjoying summer, so my blog fell on the back burner and entirely off the stove.

So, no work equaled a few hundred dollars coming in, so that’s pretty passive.

This passive income was generated because I don’t run the ad network; I use Ezoic, which does the heavy lifting of creating ads, collecting money, and building business relationships. I just added their software/code to my site.

Also the second source of income came from affiliate sales using the Amazon Affiliate Program. By having readers use my affiliate links to Amazon’s site, I collected a few cents here and there when people made qualified purchases.  

Again, I am not selling products, but Amazon is, and I am not collecting commissions from sellers. I’m collecting money from Amazon’s automated program.

So, this is as passive as you can get with generating an income on a blog.

Kind Of Not-So-Passive Income Is From A Blog?

In the above list of ways to make money on your blog, you can convert much of this towards passive if you outsource or hire people to do the work.

Many successful bloggers start out creating their blogs. Once a small amount of money comes in, they use services(AI blog writers, content creation services, and even Virtual assistants) to continue building and running their blogs.

Turning their active blog into a relatively passive income generator.

Often, they do not stop there but create another blog, then another blog, and continue the cycle till they can make blogging a full-time adventure through a blogging team creation.

What Is The Fastest Way To Earn Passive Income?

Going for the Duh-Moment.

Frustration is watching the trick, but can't figure how the magician does it.  We need to learn.

Write about something trendy and monetizable that no one else is writing about. Like I said, a Duh-Moment.

What Are High-Value Blogging Topics, Very Monetizable?

Topics in life that people are willing to spend a good amount of money on and offer high-profit margins are very monetizable blogging topics that can result in high-value traffic.

Some High-Value Blogging Topics:

  • Health and Beauty
  • Finance, Wealth Creation, and Investing
  • Love and Romance
  • Home Improvement
  • Etc.

We know the topics that make us dig into our pockets for mostly impulsive spending.

What Are Under-served Blogging Topics?

Well, anything I write about today that is ‘under-served’ will soon be ‘over-served,’ that is, the blogging world.

Suppose something hits the news about sports outfits for river otters being the latest fad. Today, you might not find anything, but if money is to be made, there will be tons of new blog sites filled with affiliate links.

So, I will use a common phrase, “low competition high traffic keywords.”

Low Competition High Traffic Keywords?

That is precisely what it sounds like. For example, there were few review sites when Apple Titanium came out. Still, people were searching once the news was out about the new phone.

Being an Apple product, or best yet, a new iPhone, it’s a high-traffic topic. But, with no new sites talking about the iPhone, the first blogs to create pages will get the traffic.

You have to do this: look at high-traffic searches with little or no content or find a high-traffic search that needs to be served.

This will be gone, I’m sure, soon; under-served topics are topics that happen in the future.

Proper timing allows you to get ahead of the rest and capitalize on the current trends.

It’s 2022 now, but people will soon search for “best weight loss options in 2023”.

2023 isn’t here, so only a little content is created, but soon, the web will be loaded with weight loss products, services, and ideas for 2023.  

Please do a search yourself as we get closer to the new year. 😀

So, find a profitable topic that has high traffic and has searches that are under-served.

A Duh-Moment.

What Is One Of The Most Common Ways Bloggers can earn an income?

The Most common ways bloggers earn income is what I’m using: display ads(ad networks like AdSense) and Affiliate Programs(like Amazon’s Affiliate Program).

I am going for low-hanging fruit, as do many other bloggers.

So far, talking with my network of bloggers, we all dabble in these two ways to earn an income.

If you are very motivated, some bloggers I know do digital products(very high-profit margin) they created and even sell coaching/teaching services with some subscription service. 

But again, I’m only interested in creating a passive income, or at least semi-passive income, blogging system. So, I am sticking with Ad networks and Affiliate programs as my mainstream blog income.

My Conclusion About Passive Income Blogging.

It’s doable. You can turn blogging into a passive income stream, but I accidentally did so. 

Not much, but making any more passively sounds like freedom.

If you intend to create a passive income blogging system, establish this as your goal early. This way, you can build a team (Virtual assistants, content writers, AI tools, etc.) that can scale upward as your blog gains more traffic and income.

Then, be ready to repeat the system with another blog. Then another, so you can build a portfolio of blogs, and with an efficiency of size, you can generate income faster while maintaining a semi-passive/passive approach to blogging.

Your Blogging Experiences Feedback?

Feel free to leave a comment with your experiences. We would appreciate it.

Thank you.

Tom, Growing His Passive Income Generators.
Myself with an interesting Bull Sculpture.
Notice: No Lambo’s. :/
Hi I’m Tom, A Blogger And A PIG Farmer.

PIG Farmer as in I grow Passive Income Generators(PIG’s).

I’ve been playing with stocks, mutual funds, and options for decades, as well as always working on my side hustle stacks.

Unlike what you read online, I’ve yet to find a way to get rich quickly. Get Rich Quick isn’t happening for me.

My journey has been long and continues. I hope to have so many PIGs I can stop working at my current job and volunteer as a medical worker overseas. 

Still waiting, but getting there. I still am a family man, and while on this Journey of Growing PIGs.  

I wanted to share my adventures(ups and downs), hoping you will contribute with your feedback and comments.

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