Blogging For Passive Income, Step 5: Find A Blog Hosting Service.

Now that you figured out a blogging topic, followed by a domain name, and even registered that domain name, you are ready to get your blog hosted by setting up a blog hosting service.

A blog hosting service is just a regular website hosting service, but I call it blog hosting since these hosts have canned installations for WordPress blogging services.

Save You Time; I Use Cloudways As My Blog Hosting Service.

So if you want to do what I do as a small blogging site, Cloudways is the hosting service provider you want.

I have the lowest Vulture High-Frequency Plan, which comes with 1 CPU core, one GB of memory, and 32 GB of disk storage.

This plan is the cheapest plan I found that would work with my blog(s), and so far has kept me happy and web page speeds even happier.

If you are interested and want to get some Cloudways credit while helping out this site, please use my affiliate link: 

Author’s Notice: This page contains affiliate links, for which I may earn a commission by their use.

Cloudways Website Hosting

A win-win for both of us.

How did I get to the place where Cloudways is the solution for me?

It’s easy to manage, has great web metrics for my site, and I’ve learned from my past mistakes.

My Experience With Website Hosting Services

Many years ago, I built small informational niche sites. I rented a server I found in one of those ads you see in Computer Shopper magazine. 

I had a blank server with a master admin panel and could create as many websites as possible with the cPanel setup. My server plan only limited it.

The computer could have been sitting under some kid’s bed, and I was suckered into a low price, but it worked.

Now fast forward over a decade, I wanted to create new niche sites on topics I was interested in, like this blog, or a new hobby, like another blog I have, but I wanted a reliable hosting service.

I bought a couple of plans from BlueHost. BlueHost appeared very professional, and they did and had cheap multiyear plans; again, they did and included the first year domain registration as free, which they do as well.

BlueHost is very professional looking and highly recommended by people teaching how to blog from their sites and YouTube.

What I Learned… I Was Not Too Fond Of BlueHost.

I found myself with issues that frequently needed assistance from BlueHost. They were usually addressed quickly via chat, but I inherently had problems.

Often the issues were website speeds.  

Most people recommend BlueHost because of their high affiliate fees. Well, I only recommend BlueHost if finances are an issue.  

If you are desperate and still need to complete step 4( Blogging For Passive Income, Step 4: Register Your Blog’s Domain Name. ), you may sign up for one year on BlueHost, with the free 1-year domain offer.

Just understand when you move away from BlueHost, and I did, your domain is still with BlueHost. I am saving money in the long run once I move to a cheaper domain registrar.

So again, I would recommend you do something other than what I did and go cheap. Cloudways is a blog domain hosting service.

If you want something other than the Cloudways credit and want a NON-affiliate link, here you go

I would instead not get any affiliate fees than have you feel I have a financial bias in suggesting Cloudways.

Real Issue With Going With A Cheap Blog Hosting Service.

If you are going cheap because you want to save money to invest in your education from one of the many blogging teaching services, so be it.

You understand the traffic for the first 6+ months is minimal, and BlueHost can meet your needs, and it did for me.

But there is an issue if you are going cheap because you need more money.

You can surf around and learn about blogging from sites like this, but often it’s recommended to get on board with a blogging education system that can help you speed up your return on investment. 

I tried for several months to go cheap and self-educate via YouTube videos. I made so many mistakes I broke down and cracked open my wallet to sign up for a blogging education program.

If you follow my blog, I can help you avoid mistakes, but blogging might require more investment. However, a simple blog like this didn’t exist, and often those free sites and videos gave you enough information to mess up and make you want to sign up to learn to blog faster.

So, back to this step. Shop around, and here are some blog website hosting services I found recommended by others. Remember to do your research.

Again, compare those services with Cloudways to make a real apples-to-apples comparison.

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Your Feedback

If you have other blog website hosting services to recommend, please leave a comment.

If you have a blog hosted already, where do you have it hosted, and would you recommend it?

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