Blogging For Passive Income, Step 2: Need A Blogging Niche, A Blog Topic.

In the previous step(“Blogging For Passive Income, Step 1: Do You Want To?”), we covered you are a motivated blogger. Are you only looking at making money, or do you want to create helpful content for your readers? Can you bet both a motivated helpful blogger and still make passive income?

Now we got past step one on the road to becoming a blogger, and you need to come up with a topic or a blog niche’ to write about. What is the best blogging niche for you?

If you didn’t read the last post, please stop here and go back ( Blogging For Passive Income, Step 1: Do You Want To? ).

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How To Choose The Best Niche For A Blog, By You.

I have blogs working and blogs I abandoned because not only did they not work, there was no way I could make them work. 

The plan is to share more about the specifics of my failures, but for now, I want to use my experience to show you how to move forward with blogging and succeed.

Some preliminary stuff about yourself.

Are you married, or do you have a partner or a best friend? Go to them and ask them for a list of 3 things they notice you are always talking about and seem most passionate about.

Take that list; look at it. Does something jump out of the list that you are passionate about? If so, this got easy.  

Blogging Niche Ideas

If you didn’t find anything you are interested in as a blogging topic, you might try to think broadly and work your way down.

Big Broad Blog Topic Ideas That Seem To Sell:

  • Hobbies
  • Love
  • Health
  • Wealth

From that list, pick one, for example, “Health.”  

Are you interested in something about health, slowing the aging process, losing weight, or keto paleo vegan recipes?  

Once keep drilling down, let’s say you picked “slowing aging process.”

You can narrow it down to protecting yourself from the sun, hydration, exercise, fasting, and so on.

Find a niche narrowed down to focus on while narrow enough. There might only be two readings in the whole world.  

Plans are to compile a list of ideas that might get the creative niche juices flowing, so check back later. Let’s move on.

Is My Blogging Niche Idea A Good Match For Me?

Let’s build a workflow for picking a blogging niche. Your blog topic can make or break your blog.

*- Are you passionate about the topic or niche?

*- Do you know much about the topic or are willing to learn about the niche?

*- Can You Come Up With 100 Posts About Blog Niche?

*- Is Someone Making Money From The Topic? Other Blogs, YouTube Channels, Magazines, TV Shows, Etc.?

The Blogging Niche: Are You Passionate About The Topic Or Niche?

Let’s face it; there will be very slow days ahead, and staying motivated to create the best source of information for your chosen blog niche is essential.

Heck, you might have found a high-traffic, low-competition blogging niche, but from my experience, this might be rare, and what you do with your writing desires will shape your blog.

Can you imagine eating, drinking, daily consuming this topic, and trying to share your knowledge with others?

If so, we can mark this qualification complete and move on.

The Blogging Niche: Do You Know About This Niche, Or Willing To Learn?

Face it, what’s the point if you write about something you don’t know about? Being knowledgeable about the blogging topic you will cover is very important.

So, if you know about it, it’s a real boost to getting the writing going. You might have experience about how you got to learn about the topic and even explained it in the past to others. Now you have to get ready to write about it.

Now, if you don’t know about the topic but are willing to learn, you can document your journey. In this situation, you share how to understand the subject with others, and with time you will become that expert you weren’t at the start.

Can You Come Up With 100 Posts About Blog Niche?

Here is a sad truth, having 100 topics as an initial goal is essential.

Let’s say you need help figuring out new ideas. You are frozen in your thinking. You can now do two posts per week for up to a year. By that time, one of two things should have happened.

  1. Was the blog niche working? Are you getting traffic?
  2. You’ve had a year to grow in writing about your niche. Is there more to write, or should you side-step into another blog niche?

So 100 is an important number to me. Whether it’s obvious or not, if you are down to splitting hairs about if it’s 99 or 100, sit down and brainstorm about topics.  

If it becomes too hard after 30, you consider another niche or broaden the topic such you can get to 100 initial ideas.

Is Someone Making Money From The Topic? Other Blogs, YouTube Channels, Magazines, TV Shows, Etc.?

Be careful about who you share your ideas with. I was told topics I wanted to write about were too well covered and too much competition.  

Of course, these warnings were from people who have yet to write a blog.  

Let’s face it, from those same naysayers, do they stop at only doing one thing for their whole life? That made little sense.

Here is someone who loves watching a soap operas. Do they only watch one? If they have a favorite YouTube creator, do they only ever watch that content creator’s channel, no others?

People might have favorite sources for subjects, but they don’t often have exclusive sources for those subjects. 

I work in the Emergency Medicine Services, EMS, and EMS love “whacker” (EMS) shows. There might be one they love, but when that show is over, they are looking for more whacker shows.

You can capitalize on this too.

If you are a lion looking for food? You go to a land with lots of fat l, and you. You don’t go searching out areas where no other lions are.

Competition is good; if others are making money from an idea, you can too. It might not be #1 in the subject, but being #2 isn’t the wrong place to be.

So, I Got A Blog. Nice Idea Now?

I hope so; if not, sleep on it. No need to rush into it. You might think you are wasting time, sleeping on it a couple of nights, but that is better than wasting months on a lousy blog niche.

A little story, I had a blog in recent years that was a great idea, and I was passionate about it. I’ll share, so you can be my guest if you want to try.

It was: “Single Parent Fiances.”

I was covering financially preparing for an empty nest once the kids left, the pros/cons of saving for kids’ colleges and my experiences, and even how to balance life with creating side hustle income to save for retirement.

All great ideas! Well, to me. However, when I evaluated my target audience’s search intent, I found that if a person was a single parent and searched about money matters, they were searching for food coupons or sales at the big box stores.

Single parents weren’t interested in my experiences about how to get ahead in life, balancing work, investing, and children. Regardless of how much I thought it was a good idea.

Sad, I have friends who are in the same situation as me, single, a parent, and trying to plan for the future while meeting the needs of the present. I have a plan, and working towards it while they are leasing iPhones; who knows what number is out now?

Regardless of your intentions and how much your blog niche can improve the reader’s experience, if you plan this out right, you can save a lot of your time. 

I may even become frustrated and give up on blogging altogether.

Let’s hope not.

Next Step: Picking A Blog Domain Name.

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