What Is A Zero Coupon Bond? – FAQ

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A zero coupon bond is a bond that can be purchased at a discounted price(< face value) and later redeemed at maturity for its face value. The difference in face value minus discounted price can be considered the bond’s “interest” payment. Common Examples of Zero Coupon Bonds: T-Bills. Since T-Bills maturity dates don’t exceed 12 months, they pay no … Read more

What Is A 6-Month Emergency Fund? – FAQ

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Simply put, a 6-month emergency fund is a source of money to cover six months of living expenses(rent/mortgage, food, car care, etc.) should you lose your regular income. Your monthly expenses after losing your job, or income, should only be necessities. If you lose your job, you should use something other than our emergency fund … Read more

Is Passive Income Legal? – FAQ

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So, Is Passive Income Legal? Yes, but still not legal advice, just my observations based on sources of passive income. Every worker’s goal is to retire someday, stop working but continue to collect money through retirement. Retirement planning is about planning for a lifetime of passive income. Is retirement income illegal because it’s passive? No. … Read more

Is Selling Handmade Goods Passive Income? – FAQ

To determine if selling handmade goods is passive income, ask yourself: These were weird questions, but the combination of terms like craft or “handmade goods” and “passive income” sounds like an oxymoron to me. If I am creating “handmade goods,” this is active. Selling the same handmade goods again can be active or passive, depending … Read more

What Is The Easiest Passive Income Generator (PIG)? – FAQ

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Funny when I get to talk to people about growing their own Passive Income Generator (PIG) I am asked, what is the easiest passive income generator to grow my wealth? Dividends This is based on my opinion, with is backed by my experiences. Still, my easiest PIG to grow is a dividend stock portfolio. One … Read more

What Is A PIG? – FAQ

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For investors like me, PIG stands for: Passive Income Generator. Meaning: (P)assive – Passive – Not requiring continued active work from me. (I)ncome – Income – Money, earnings, or something of value I receive. (G)enerator – Generator – Something that creates. PIG So a PIG is a means to generate passive income for me. PIG … Read more

How Long Do I Have To Wait To Buy A Stock After Selling It (For A Loss)? – FAQ

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The simple answer: 30 Days. Per, https://www.irs.gov/publications/p550 But What Is The Full Question? And What Does 30 Calendar Days Answer? Now that I have sold out of my Riot Platforms, Inc. (RIOT) stock, a discussion that will come up with my accountant again will be how long I have to wait till I can repurchase … Read more