Earn Interest While Selling Cash Secured PUTs?

Here’s how I make the most of my cash in brokerage accounts(Fidelity, Charles Schwab, and Vanguard). I use a straightforward strategy called the Wheel Strategy with options. This strategy allows me to generate more money using the cash I already have. FYI: I’ve been playing with Selling and Buying Options for years now, so much … Read more

What Is the Wheel Strategy In Options I Use?

I’ve noticed an uptick in Wheel Strategy videos posted on YouTube, so I decided to cover my simple strategy. I want to show how simple I keep it and why I use this strategy. Not financial advice, just sharing my strategy. I work full-time, have long shifts, and am an active family man. If my wheel options strategy … Read more

How Do T-bills Make Money For Me?

Thinking about Money, Ideas to make more money.

I’ve been trying to earn as much money as possible with parked money. Even money standing still should be working for me. So I found myself playing with T-Bill Ladders, and unlike regular securities, T-bills are different. They are actually zero-coupon bonds, causing me to ask how do T-bills make money for me. So far … Read more

Are Worthy Bonds A Good Investment Alternative To Outlet Finance?

Safe investing methods, even alternative investment options.

Since Outlet Finance closed down( Outlet Finance Legit Or Not? Yes, But It Is Gone ), I’ve been trying to find an easy place to get the most money for parked money( Parking Money With T-Bill And Chill. ) while keeping it as liquid as possible. For me, Outlet Finance(website now gone) was such a … Read more

Schwab SCHD To 4 Week T-Bill Ladder And Chill Progress.

Turning keys over to simpler way to invest money, more passive and less headache.

Now, I’ve covered much of what my plans park my money(T-Bill Ladder and Chill), with this ‘over-priced’ stock market, and all the economic indicators(including the bond market) suggest there will be a burst. Now, down to executing moving money out of Charles Schwab from my SCHD dividends and parking the money into a 4-week t-bill … Read more

Parking Money With T-Bill And Chill.

Relaxing, not worrying about invested money or passive income generation.

In an earlier post, I covered why I am parking my current and future investment funds, many from dividends into T-Bills. Now, I plan to lightly go over my steps to wait out this stock market with my T-bill and chill strategy. Parking All Money In T-bills? No. For my tax-sheltered and tax-deferred retirement accounts, … Read more

How I Built An 8-Week T-Bill Ladder Emergency Fund

Using multiple investments to reach new heights by laddering your investments.

As I stated in earlier posts( Build T-Bill Ladder Emergency Fund ), I’ve been figuring out how to grow my 6-month Emergency fund into more of a passive income generator(or at least prevent inflation erosion). I found information about T-Bill Ladders and figured with their tax incentives(no State or Local Income Tax), using T-Bills would … Read more

Emergency Fund In An 8-Week T-Bill Ladder, My Thoughts.

Thinking about money.

I decided not to directly jump into 13-week T-Bills due to concerns about liquidity in time of losing my job or worse. But I still wanted the passive income of building a T-Bill Ladder for my 6-month Emergency Fund. Idea For Building An 8-Week T-Bill Ladder Instead. I’m reading “I Will Teach You to Be … Read more

4-Week T-Bill Ladder For Weekly Income Strategy. (My First Test!)

Financial growth includes small steps forward while being cautious of falls.

Now, you are a F.I.R.E.-Type seeking financial independence like myself. In that case, we always try to calculate the best way to make a great return on our investments while preparing for emergencies like building our emergency fund. Growing Passive Income Generators (PIGs) through 4-week T-bill ladder for weekly income. I’ve kept almost all my … Read more

How To Build T-Bill Ladder Emergency Fund (My Plan).

Piggy Banks climbing ladder, make your money work for you.

I plan not to build a emergency fund but to convert my existing emergency fund into a T-bill ladder. I plan to turn my current emergency fund more into a passive income generating machine, while meeting my rainy day needs. I’ll talk about what I plan to do with my 6 Month Emergency Fund, using … Read more